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Geoff Martha, CEO of "new" Medtronic, aims at the planned objectives of surgical robot manufacturers

2020/9/7 21:45:06

CEO Geoff Martha developed a plan for the Hugo system, which includes towers, surgeon consoles, end effectors and mechanical trolleys. Source: Medtronic

In the four months since Geoff Martha became CEO of Medtronic PLC, he has set ambitious goals for what he claims to be the world's largest medical equipment company.

The new CEO said on Medtronic's first quarter earnings conference call this week that the company's management will publish a more flexible and competitive "new Medtronic" plan in the coming weeks. Martha touted the company's established product pipeline, saying it was now in its infancy and was ready to expand its market share.

"We are determined to make this channel equally important not only to patients, but also to our customers, but also to shareholders," Martha said He later added: "over time, in the long run, we hope to bring" technology "into the field of medical technology. We want to change, we want to integrate some of these digital technologies to change our products. "

Raj denhoy and other analysts at Jefferies Financial Group Inc. described Medtronic's (NYSE: MDT) strategy as a "Turnaround Strategy" in a research report.

"There is no doubt that the debate still exists: can MDT, which has been trying to achieve a growth rate of 5% over the past few years, hope for sustainable growth?" They write. "How will this be combined with profitability? The pipeline is full, and the recent acquisition puts MDT in the right position, making execution the key."

Martha outlined several technologies that may be critical to the development of Medtronic.

Medtronic pursues the leading position of robotic surgery

Jefferies analysts said they hoped Medtronic's minimally invasive therapy team would lead and perform better than the company's average. The key to the group's strategy is Medtronic's new Hugo system, which aims to compete with Da Vinci SP of innovative surgical Inc.

Martha said this week that his company has been able to manage and solve software problems through covid-19 related interruptions. The plan will apply for CE mark in Europe in early 2021 and apply to the US Food and Drug Administration for exemption of research devices.

"We will be a meaningful participant in this market." Martha said.

Titan medical Inc. has also reached an agreement with Medtronic to promote the development of robot assisted surgery technology.

In orthopedics, Medtronic is seeking enhancements to its mazor x spine robot system.

Martha set her sights on surgical artificial intelligence

Medtronic hopes to further improve its robotic surgery capability after acquiring digital surgery, an artificial intelligence company for surgery, earlier this year.

"We are integrating their technology into our soft tissue, robot assisted surgery system, and intend to use their surgical video management and clinician decision-making outside of robotics to further improve the solution," Martha said. "In fact, we plan to launch a limited product for touch surgery enterprises this fall, which is a very easy-to-use surgical video that can be paired with computers and connected to the cloud."

Medtronic also plans to acquire medicrea international, whose technology incorporates AI into the surgical plan for spinal cases. It then uses these plans to create personalized spinal implants.

"With medicrea, Medtronic will be the first company to provide integrated spinal surgery solutions, including AI driven surgical planning, personalized implants and robot assisted surgery," Martha said. "This further expands our competitive advantage in spine."

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